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posted by [personal profile] tsunderechan at 04:29pm on 15/10/2009 under
Hi All!

Stuck at home sick today. Seems like that's a problem everyone is having. >_< HAve been up reading manga and waiting for the medecine to kick in so it's occurred to me that I read a hell of a lot of cool manga.

Not the epic hits like Naruto or Bleach, although they're a lot of fun too. Random stuff, funny stuff, sweet stuff, and stuff that's really good but doesn't seem to get a lot of attention. So I'm going to start making a list of manga recs once or twice a week, depending on how much stuff I come across. Here are today's recs:

by Ando Yuma (author) and Asaki Masahi (artist)
Genre: Shonen
Status: In Progress
Summary: It's rough being a cop when you look like you belong in middle school, especially when you have a little psychic ability that lets you see when a person is in danger of dying. Be that as it may, police officer Shibata Taketora hasn't given up on becoming a detective who can, in his words, "make daily living safe for our youth" ...even if he still gets carded in every bar.
My opinion thus far: Normally I don't go for the whole 'age reversal' anime trope. You know the one; where you've got an adult who looks (and usually acts) like a little kid or a kid who talks like an adult. Shibata doesn't really conform to the stereotype. He actually is an adult and behaves accordingly. Generally speaking, there'd be the temptation for the author to overcompensate for his character's childlike face by making him too adult however Ando and Asaki have managed to strike a great balance between maturity and naivete. Shibata as a character is a little innocent but he's reliable, intelligent, and even tempered. He's not your average shonen hero, that's for sure. In most respects (barring his psychic ability) he's relentlessly normal. They make up for that by including an cast of secondary characters who, I'm glad to say, manage to be 'colorful' without that standardized anime wackiness. You have your standard semi-gangster type who is cast as Shibata's childhood friend, a Police Lady who can't seem to make up her mind whether she's actually flirting with Shibata or just engaing in some mild teasing, and the (tall, blonde, Valkyrie-type) chief clerk in charge who is currently evaluating Shibata for promotion. Given the tone of the manga thus far, I'd almost categorize this one as seinen Still, definite thumbs up from me!

Shiawase no Kissa Sanchoume
by Matsuzuki Kou
Genre: Shojou
Status: Complete in Japan / Translations are still in progress
Summary: It takes a special kind of guy to appreciate a girl who is half his size, weighs under 100 pounds, and can still bench press him. Fortunately for Uru, there seem to be a bunch of them in her new neighborhood. Following her mother's recent re-marriage, Uru has decided to live on her own for a little while in order to give the newly-weds some time alone. Finding herself lonlier than expected, she appliee for a job at a local bakery/cafe and discovers not only two well-intentioned misanthropic bishonen but also a place where she too can feel like she belongs.
My opinion thus far: Fluffy shojou goodness at its best. This is pure character-driven brain candy. Matsuzuki deals primary with strong human emotions such as lonlieness and just how far a person will go to find a place where they can fit in. This is not a mangaka who shies away from dealing with her characters' flaws and issues. In fact, that's one of the things I like most about this story. The characters are flawed and they make mistakes, but they own up to them and work to fix things. This isn't going to be one of those stories where every problem becomes seven chapters of drama/angst/ohnoz! Ladies who dislike spiders will especially like Shindow, the main romantic lead. I'll let you find out why. ; ) Sadly, this one seems to have stalled out at 27 chapters. Fortunately, if you like this title and want more, Tokyopop recently licensed it and will be releasing the first volume in January 2010. I'll be pre-ordering mine next paycheck. :3

Ore-sama Teacher
by Izumi Tsubaki
Genre: Shojou
Status: In Progress
Summary: Former School Gang Leader (Banchou) Mafuyu is a delinquent with a mission. Having just been expelled from her last highschool for fighting, her mother has enrolled her in a boarding school in the next town over. She is turning over a new leaf (on pain of being disowned) and is determined to enjoy her new highschool life by never raising a fist in anger again. This lasts exactly as long as it takes to come across a man being bullied in the street outside of her apartment building. Unfortunately for Mafuyu, the man in question didn't need help and is actually A. Her new homeroom teacher B. The most evil man ever to draw breath and C. Her next door neighbor. Mafuyu's high school debut is not going the way she'd hoped. Soon she's learning more about herself and a certain older boy from her past who might not have been the gentle big brother her memory painted him.
My opinion thus far: Another anime trope I usually don't go for is the whole student/teacher relationship ... unless its handled really, really well. Mafuyu and Takaomi are not in a relationship. In fact, if you suggested to them that romance might be in the air... well, you'd probably end up being beaten within and inch of your life after Takaomi got done fishing Mafuyu down from a very tall building. Be that as it may, they're a fantastic pair. Mafuyu is one of those slightly dim, but enthusiastic heroines. The kind that make you want to pat them on the head because they mean well. Takaomi on the other hand is an unrepentant bastard and you know it from square one. What he's doing teaching highschool is anyone's guess, but like anything else he does in life he teaches on his own terms. There are some lessons to be learned from this manga, but I'll be darned if I can tell you what they are. Just hop on and enoy the ride.
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