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So, in October I'm getting a job change. They're sending me over to be tech service's art monkey instead of circulation's art monkey.

I'd be more sanguine about it if that didn't mean I wasn't losing Boss Lady and being transferred to the custody of the IT Director. I've more or less come to terms with it. I'm not getting a downgrade in pay and I'll have less things to worry about. So it's not all bad.

The reason for this whole change in affairs is because our office manger (of 15 years) retired and they had to replace her. For one reason or another, she had a full time position for part time work. I think they kept it that way because they were afraid of losing the 'full time' status for that position, but never got around to expanding the duties involved. So, when they hired a New Person, our director (Dragon Lady) decided to restructure that position. Since "that position" is officially titled: Library Assistant, Senior she decided to restructure all the other Library Assistant positions as well.

Up until now, I've been referring to my fellow assistant as Coworker. Since there's now three of us, I'm upgrading her to Coworker M. New Person shall henceforth be known as Coworker B.

M and I greeted the news of this restructuring with varying shades of dismay. Me with a sort of trepidatious 'this can't possibly be good' outlook and M with a determinedly reasonable 'sometimes these things have to happen, it is not ours to question why...' attitude. M has two kids so she's better at facing adversity, methinks. My whole thing was that I did not want to lose circ. I like circ. I've been doing it for two years. I understand it backwards and forwards. I train the students and have written most of the literature for the circulation desk.

In retrospect, I can see how I lost circulation. Training and supervision was not what I was hired for and certainly not what they had in mind when they created my position. I just took it over naturally as part of helping out my boss, who was run ragged on a good day back when I first got hired.

The first thing Dragon Lady did was have all the assistants (not including B, who hadn't even applied at that point) write out our duties so that they could be redistributed. I was circulation-only and M was a 'shared' assistant for the rest of the staff. Dragon Lady wanted an assistant for tech services and one for circulation. I assumed that I'd get circulation and M would get technical services. Unfortunately, because I was hired first I'd already picked up a lot of the processing work that had to be 'outsourced' by the cataloging librarian, called L (No, that's not a Death Note Reference). When we sat down to look at the data, it was pretty clear who had to do what.

I will be keeping the displays and Dragon Lady wants those expanded, so good thing that they're taking stuff OFF my plate instead of adding more. I'm more serene about the whole thing than I was, if only because I've realized that somewhere along the line my workload went crazy. It'll be good to just have a few things to deal with as opposed to having a million balls to juggle that I then have to drop in favor of helping at the circ. desk.

That being said, Boss Lady is trying to squeeze every last drop of work out of me before she loses me as an employee. Specifically, she wants me to train all the incoming student workers along with my fellow assistants. Today I trained B on the circulation program and BOY was I glad that I've done it a thousand times before. Although it's different training someone at my level as opposed to a student worker. I mean, I have to assume she has the same permissions that I do or will when they finish setting her up.

Moving day is October 22nd. In that time I have to get five new-hires trained, learn my new job, teach M my old job, and help B figure out where her job starts and M's ends. Also I need to get the workstation I'll be moved into changed around and upgraded because it was built with an intern or a grad student in mind and not a full staff member. Right now it's set up specifically so that L can watch the computer screen to make sure the student is working, which is going to drive me bats in no short order.
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My morning has gotten better! It didn't take much.

Here's what happened:

I got in this morning at 8 (an hour early because I'm taking Friday off and I need to offset some hours) and found out one of our student workers quit last night with no warning. Just gone and 'this is my final decision' via email. I hope he didn't let the door hit him in the ass on his way out. In addition to that, one of our new hires didn't show up to open. At the time of epic!Fail post we thought he'd flaked on us so there was an additional layer of panic to the stinky onion that was my Tuesday morning.

The crowning moment came when I heard this come out of Boss Lady's mouth: "So... about Friday."

I was going to take Friday off for a trip to DC with [profile] jane_drew_ and [profile] amaranthadanae. Suddenly I saw my weekend plans spinning around that black hole in the heart of the metaphorical toilet that my plans were about to go down. The National Portrait Gallery! The Smithsonian! Downtown DC! Potomac Mills! Ikea!

Salvation arrived shortly before the weekly staff meeting in the form of our new hire. It turned out that he'd just overcommited himself earlier in the week and had accidently overslept.

He was actually kind of mortified at the lapse, but at least he owned his screw up and did his best to make up for it. He's working Quitter Boy's friday shift in addition to his own. Kind of above and beyond the call of duty in my opnion, but I'm not complaining. It means that I get my weekend back!

Still, after all that I feel like this:

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Well, shit, Universe. Why not make it rain on top of everything else so far?

I mean. It's only 8:30 in the morning. You've got plenty of mojo left in ya.

My Day So Far: EPIC FAIL
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I cleaned my room on Sunday.

Apparently this was harder than I thought because my legs are sore as all heck today.

The Good News:

I have my new little metal table and my love seat set up!

The Bad News:

I have to do all this laundry.

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Stand aside, Cardigan-wearing Rahael of Friday!


Make way for Sassy Recently-Trimmed Rachael!

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School has started, but I'm not dead yet! To prove it, I've photographed my latest efforts and uploaded them. Again, I'm too lazy to go all the way upstairs to scan so forgive the quality of the images.

If you can't tell, I've been REALLY enjoying all those Copic Sketch markers I got for my birthday back in July. My room mate, JD, and my dear friend Jo combined their fantastic E-bay powers and sale-stalking to put together a collection of thirty markers. It's halfway through July and I've already expanded to fifty, thanks to tax-free weekend. There's a bit of a learning curve involved. I've spent a lot of time of Youtube watching tutorials since that first bit of fan-art I did for JD. I think I'm picking it up.


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Copic Markers and Pitt Pens

Funny story behind this picture. I had no idea who she was when I started drawing her. I just wanted to crank something out, but the line art sat out on my drafting table for a few days because I didn't like it quite yet. She started out with this really horrible poofy rose/bow thingy where she has the slick brooch now. I didn't like it, but couldn't decide what was bothering me. JD kept looking at it and asking who she was. "She's no one yet." I told her, which was pretty much cue for the plot bunnies to start breeding. Two weeks later, we've got her world 90% built, thought up not one but TWO love interests, and are well into coming up with the secondary cast and storylines for the first three books.

Updates to follow, but we're thinking about putting the stories up online. :)


'Why Kitsune Make Bad Pets'
By [personal profile] tsunderechan
Copic Markers and Pitt Pens

The collar really clashes with their robes.

This is an old sketch that I traced and inked so that I could practice with the Copics. It's not as good as 'Isabel' because I did this one first. The blue of the outermost robe is this particularly virulent blue that spreads like a sharpie. Still, I REALLY like the way her hair and tail came out so I reproduced the effect with Isabel. I had a lot of fun with this.

Lucky Star

'Kagami post Lucky Star'
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Copic Markers and Pitt Pens

Yeah, this is pretty much what happens when you binge-watch Lucky Star over the course of a single weekend. I got the bug to try their style, but I didn't want to do a straight copy of one of their characters. So I tried to do a picture of what Kagami (one of my more beloved characters) would look like in a few years. I think it turned out pretty good!
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I have been drawing! I just haven't been scanning what I've done.

The digital camera is nice, but it doesn't really work for digitalizing my artwork. >_< Either that, or I'm not very GOOD with it yet. That could be another possibility. So it's more old stuff today!

Frozen Moonlight

Here's a bit more fan-art for [profile] jane_drew_ . I can't say which story it's for since she hasn't written this particular bit yet. However, I had fun doing it.

It's still very rough. I haven't even erased the pencil marks yet! It was mainly a warm-up exercise, but [profile] jane_drew_ seems to like it so I count it as a success!

I don't know if you can tell, but Mohawk!zombie has a t-shirt that says 'LVN DED' and Mo Howard!zombie is literally picking his jaw up off the floor. Heh.

EDIT: I kind of want to title it 'Livin la Muerte Loca'.


To finish it off, here's a random eyeball. I actually copied it out of (another) magazine ad in June of '07. I really wanted to see if I could replicate the really nifty shading with my colored pencils. I think I did an OK job!
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How the fuck to do you go into a dentist's office, pay for three previously agreed upon fillings, and then walk out with EIGHT?

Ok, ok. Backtracking now...

I went in to get my fillings done today. OK, fine. I go in, pay what's leftover after the insurance got done and am shown to a booth. Cue the standard procedure: topical numbing agent, Novocaine, drilling...

Only, it occurred to me that they were doing an awful lot of drilling for three teeth. Unfortunately, I couldn't say anything because my mouth was full of spacers and numb and stuff. Besides, who'd be crazy enough to do work that wasn't cleared with the insurance agency first? Or, you know, more importantly the CLIENT.

Apparently the answer is: these guys.

Now, they didn't say anything to me when I left. Just scheduled me for the next three and sent me on my way. I don't learn anything until about two hours later, when I start to be able to feel the inside of my mouth again and start to think 'gee... did I have this many fillings before?' when I got a call from their receptionist who wanted to discuss insurance procedures for the extra work they did.

Five extra fillings.

Who the heck thought that was a good idea?

So, cue some well deserved freaking out on my part. I covered a decent amount of ground with the receptionist, mostly concerning: dental work is covered in advance, not while the patient is in the CHAIR, certainly not after the damage is already DONE, and why on earth do you think its a good idea to talk to a client about work right after you've pumped them full of Novocaine? Suddenly the junk medical lawsuit industry is making a LOT MORE SENSE TO ME.

The receptionist was a little freaked out herself, less I think because of the situation and more because I was freaking out at her over money and unauthorized work and WTF?!? She got off the line and went to talk to their billing department. Long story short: they're not charging me for the extra work. Possibly because she talked to their insurance department and was told something along the lines of 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?'

I'm still not happy, at least in part because these fillings feel huge. It's like all the teeth on my left side are full of lumpy hardened gum that someone rolled across the pavement so it's good and grainy. I've had fillings before and can't even tell where they were except for one molar in the back on my right side that was in such bad condition that it was a few months shy of needing a root canal.

My plan of action is that I'm going to call another dentist in the morning to see if I can set up a consultation. I want them to look at the work and tell me if it's badly done. My best friend [personal profile] quoth_the_ravyn has had numerous dental mishaps and mentioned that big fillings can't sustain themselves in the long-term and crack within a few years. Considering that she's got three caps from just that sort of thing, I'm inclined to believe her.

After I've got the consultation scheduled, I'm going to see if I can't get my dental records from this current place and get them to tell me about these five mythical cavities that they neglected to show me on the x-rays. After that, I need to call my insurance company and talk to them about whether what happened was even legal. I figure they can tell me if I need to make a report to the local dental association.
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Lookit! More pictures!

This is a bad photo of a bit of fanart I did for one of JaneDrew's plotbunnies by way of encouragement. I totally used that ad from Eva Mendez's Calvin Klein ad as a source image. Only with less baby oil, more clothes, a better set of personalities, and without naked!Eva Mendez humping Jamie Dornan's leg a sword. Greasy semi-nude modeling aside, Jamie Dornan is a great anatomical model. I really liked the line of his body from pectoral to knee and for once it's in an almost purely artistic sense. Although, really, those jeans must have been spray painted on...

So, this is my first picture using the shiny copic sketch markers that I got for my birthday! I think it's pretty good, all things considered. I can see that I've got a long way to go with learning how to blend the colors smoothly. Despite my best efforts, this picture is very streaky. I mind the effect less on the pants considering they're supposed to be made of rough-cured leather. His hair bothers me however. I like the way the blue robe came out and I'm going to try and see if I can reproduce the effect in another picture.

Artistic maunderings aside: ENJOY YOUR FANART, JD!

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Hooo, it's been a WEEK and it's only Tuesday. Why is that, I wonder?

So, here's a few updates, hidden behind cuts for those who are just here for pretty pictures.

Ninja Monocle Diaries )

A Dental Nightmare, Revisited )

... and now that all that is out of the way, I give you: PRETTY PICTURES!


- "Geisha" by [personal profile] tsunderechan 2008

Pen and Ink on Bristol Board.

Artistic Impressions: Old Stuff. I can see a lot of the errors I made with this one, now that it's finished.

Her shoulders are too narrow and her face is really too angular for the the intent of the picture. I'm also not happy with my inking work with this one. The image has a lot of detail to it because I was focused on the fantastic patterns and textures of a Geisha's costume, but I really need to learn the vary my line thickness. It's not a great picture. I have to do better than this.

I love the way her hair came out though. It's really fascinating to me, even now that the picture is done. I'm going to have to try and do more to incorporate that level of detail into my current works. It was really fun to do and it's a reason why I keep this thing around.

Also, OMG her head is GINORMOUS.

- "I Don't Have a Black Horse, but I Do Have a Cherry Tree" by Tsundere, 2009

Digital Photograph

This is something I took when I was in DC last March. The cherry blossoms were still in bloom and it was very pretty. I took this outside of the National Gallery of Art. I have more pictures that I need to pull of my camera, but it will have to wait until I have a moment and remember to do it.

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