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I've been having weird dreams lately. Or rather I was, then it stopped for a while and then I had another one last night.

The dream started out OK, if not memorably. It was one of those dreams that hops from subject to subject. I tend to dream in plot format so most of the dreams involve me watching through the eyes of one character or another.

I remember a few of the little scenlets; mainly a small town and something about a fire brigade sourced out of a little blue house. Then in the same town (I think) was a vaguely sad story about a big sprawling property that the locals liked to hang out in that was being sold so soon they would have to stay away. There was another one about a woman visiting another woman who was renovating a house and inbetween visits a bunch of the rooms had been sold to businesses. The visitor thought it was very sad, especially since some of the rooms may or may not have been haunted. >_O

The character switched to a young asian model (fairly new to the business) whose new apartment was for whatever reason located in a mall and open on three sides so that people kept wandering in and trying to buy the stuff in her closet. Her manager sort of good naturedly ran them out in between trying to make the model wear impossible shoes.

The mall itself was a kind of modern design that involves a lot of flying levels sorrounding an empty space in the middle with no guard rails. Imagine someting along the lines of a spiral staircase where the stairs aren't connected and are kind of made of vaguely jagged metal and glass platforms.

Suddenly someone jumps off one of the levels. Then a whole bunch more people so that it's raining suicides. For some reason the model knows they're doing it over the cancellation of Telemundo on TV, but they're all different races and there's this terrible dark undercurrent of something else that's making them do it. The Telemundo thing is just a cover. The suicides themselves aren't at all sad. They're the sort of terrifying horror-genre suicides that make you worry that they might try and take you with them. They weren't dying because they hated themselves. They were dying because they hated everyone.

Then everything went quiet until someone (I don't remember who) quietly said "Now the hangings start."

The good news is, I have figured out what is CAUSING the creepy dreams. I only seem to have them when I've thrown out my back and had to take a muscle relaxer. Yesterday was the first time in a while that I've had to take it, since I spent large parts of Tuesday at my drafting table. The chair there has pretty much no lumbar support so by the next day my back was back into full spasm. It's my own dang fault.

I told [profile] jane_drew_ about the dreams that I remember and her reaction is pretty much: RIGHT. LET'S GO TO OFFICE MAX AND FIND YOU A NEW CHAIR.
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